Just Jade Results



Jo M - Harrogate 

Jade has been a breath of fresh air! Nervous about starting exercise and improving my fitness felt daunting, but Jade made it fun, challenging and keeps me going when I’m ready to give up... which I need. Jade is down to earth and works with you to formulate a plan tailored to you, whilst helping to shape your thinking about diet and exercise. 

Caroline G - Harrogate 

Well! What can I say! Jade is a fantastic trainer and I would highly recommend ! Jade worked along side me some of the time which was great, showing me how my positioning should be when lifting weights, showed me videos so I could improve. Jade is so easy to get along with and makes u feel comfortable, I think this in a trainer is so important! We also laughed so much my belly hurt another plus point for me! Thanks jade... five stars! Be booking next block too! X

Phillip M - Harrogate 

Jade is very helpful and friendly. Over the past few months with her help I've managed to lose weight and build muscle, I feel stronger and more healthier. She's great to work with, professional but can also have a laugh with you. She makes you feel more confident when doing new exercises. 

Hannah M

Very Professional but very reassuring and always pushing you to your full potential. so far I am 3 stone down.


Q1. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer?

A.  Encouragement, Motivational, Educational, Results, Awareness, Accountability, Team.

Q2. How Many Days Per Week Should I Workout? 

A. I always say minimum of 3 days per week.

Q3. How Frequent Should I See A Personal Trainer? 

A. Once or twice A week.

Q4. How Fast Will I See Results? 

A. Expect to feel the results of your training sooner than you see them. People who start a new exercise program and are consistent usually report improvements in sleep, mood and energy levels within two to three weeks. Changes in body composition often take longer to notice; the more consistent you are with your workouts and your eating habits, the sooner the results will become noticeable.

Q5. What Are DOMS? 

A. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - Pain and Stiffness is usually felt in muscles 24-72 hours after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. 

Q6. How Should You Prepare For Your First Session? 

A. I would suggest you get a good nights sleep the night before and consume a meal at least an hour before. Make sure you have correct footwear for the session.

Personal Training Benefits

* Improved Posture

* Increased Flexibility 

* Better Cardiovascular Health 

* Lower Risk Of Heart Attack

* Improved Strength

* Reduce Body Fat

* Improved Balance

* Promotes Sense Of Wellbeing

* Increased Confidence 

* Teaches Correct Form

* Increased Energy

* Motivation 

* Increased Bone Density 

* Individual Program

* Accountability 

* Supports

* Safety And Injury Prevention 

* Results


Bespoke Training Plans

A Training Plan to suit your needs and goals.

Weight Loss Advice And Nutritional Guidance

Advice on what is needed to reach your goals of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Strength And Circuit Training

Specialises in strength and circuit training for those who want to become fitter and stronger.